International Nano-Degrees

Study short courses to upskill yourself whilst at the same time gaining credit for a degree qualification at affordable prices.

Start your professional development program today with the BERI programs through the International University of Applied Science with a scholarship for each course you study. There are many benefits that you get.

What are Nano-degrees?

A Nano degree is a short course of study that focuses on your immediate skills needs – related to your work and continuing professional development.

The courses give you credit towards an undergraduate or postgraduate qualification and are stackable to make a full award.

The Nano degree are available in high demand areas such as cyber-security, data science, artificial intellegence and management courses.

Nano Degree

The courses are fully on-line and take up to 20 hours of study time, working at your own pace.

Why Enroll Through BERI?

BERI is able to provide these benefits to you when you enroll through us.

Scholarship – We can offer scholarship with up to 80% discount depending on the course selected.

Stackable – You are able to gain credit twards an international degree through our study programs.

Application Support – We assist you with your application to make the process simple and worry free

Local Study Support and Network – We provide in-country support for your learning and connect you with other students through optional seminars and events.

Further Scholarship – We are able to provid you with scholarships (of up to 80%) for you to complete a full international degree

Semester Abroad Support – Our degree programs offer a semester abroad in Germany, with the option of gaining post-study work rights in Europe

  • Delivered in English
  • Flexible study and 100% online
  • Internationally recognized – accepted globally
  • A range of high demand courses
  • Flexible commencement dates – study at your own pace
  • Flexible assessment dates
  • Learn from leading professionals
  • Full library support
  • Study anywhere and anytime on your device
  • Practical base related to your work
  • Digital study materials and access to 24/7 access to tutors and academic support
  • Online network of students – connect yourself globally as well as locally

The Benefits of our Nano-Degrees

You will receive an international and globally recognized certificate to take the next step in your career by providing the skills you need immediately, but also leading to the option of an international qualification. 

In addition, the course provides: 

  • Simplified Entry Points – with low threshold entry conditions to learn the initial skills based on your needs
  • Modular and Scaleable – with more than 100 certificate courses taught in Engilsh that stack up to more than 300 degrees.
  • Individualzed Learning Approach – with a broad selection of high demand learning fields supported by state-of-art e-learning platform
  • A career-focused course that relates to your work Be recognized as having an international qualification to apply for jobs locally and internatinally
  • Innovative learning platform & tools 
  • Career counseling 
  • Local support in Bangladesh

Admission Requirements

There are no admission requirements for the courses.

However, the courses are taught in English and you need to have a reasonable command of English to be successful.

We also suggest that having some background will be an advantage for success in the program.

As university credit can be gained, the standard is at that level and without some background, students may be challenged to pass.

For Corporates and Business Enterprises

Nano-degree is a great way for you to provide professional development for your staff.  

Why This?

  • Affordable programs 
  • Online delivery means the need to take staff from their work is not required 
  • High demand and leading- edge
  • Become a partner with an international European university  
  • Quality of study is guaranteed 
  • Well trained workers increase productivity  
  • Consistent and company-wide approach to learning and skill development 
  • Employees have the option to consider studies for full degree
  • Staff retention will improve due to the coursework and future degree potential being offered.
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Courses List

Bachelor level
Master level

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