University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia

Grand Launch of the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) in Chattogram

University of Technology Sydney (UTS) is located in the heart of Sydney, Australia and is widely known for its innovative learning and teaching approach, which integrates the best of online and face-to-face experiences. It is a Top 10 ranked young university.

BERI is an exclusive partner of UTS in Bangladesh, along with the prestigious Premier University Chittagong (PUC).

Join the UTS pathway program to complete the 1st year of your UTS degree in Bangladesh with guaranteed entry to 2nd year at UTS in Sydney.

UTS Advantages

  • Globally recognized courses
  • Renowned for teaching excellence
  • Excellent student support services
  • Practice-oriented courses preparing work-ready graduates
  • Industry connections for work opportunities
  • World-class facilities – modern and technologically equipped

UTS Bangladesh Events

About Where You Will Study

You will study at one of the most beautiful and enriched campuses in Chittagong. We are the official partner of Premier University Chittagong (PUC) to deliver UTS’s programs to students. PUC is a quality university in Bangladesh and renowned for the quality of its teaching and facilities and the student experience it provides. You will enjoy the international environment and access the resources of UTS College Sydney, the pathway provider to UTS. It is well located for students to travel to or live nearby.

PUC offers students a full range of activities and facilities that you will access along with the many other students who have chosen PUC for their study program.

What Can I Study?

The fields of study you will have the opportunity to learn in Bangladesh are

  • Business
  • Information Technology

The levels of study are:

  • Diploma : The diploma course means you will study for one year in your field and receive an Australian Higher Education Diploma. This is the equivalent of the 1st year of university.

    With the diploma, you can enter the 2nd year of your university course in Australia. You can study business, ICT and Engineering,

  • Foundation : The foundation course is the equivalent of the final year of secondary school. This is the same as having completed A levels or Higher School Certificate.

    Successful completion leads to entry to the Diploma or the opportunity to go direct into the degree program at UTS in Australia.

  • English : We provide English courses that ensure you have the level of English to succeed.

    Successful completion of the English course means you can meet the requirements to enter either the Diploma or Foundation program.

The Benefits

The benefits of starting at UTS Bangladesh include:

  • Savings on fees and living expenses – over 75% in the first year
  • Early access to the program and gain credits whilst waiting for your visa
  • English options to enter the program
  • Easier transition to higher education, with small class groups and local support
  • Gain credit for study in Bangladesh – the course is the same as in Australia
  • When you go to Australia, you will:
    • Be familiar with the study required, increasing chances of success
    • Be able to work 20 hours per week
    • Qualify for Post Study Work Rights
  • There are scholarships available for quality candidates.
  • Study duration is 8 months for the Diploma course.

What Are The Entry Requirements?

  • Successful completion of A-level (at least AS completed) or H.S.C. (writing S.S.C and H.S.C score should be above 50% or you can use the UTS College Academic English(AE4) with pass grade.)
  • IELTS: 6.0 overall with no band less than 5.5 (or equivalent score from other tests)
  • The Foundation Program (upcoming) can be used to enter the Diploma for those who do not have the HSC or A level equivalent.

BERI is able to assist with your study and provide the following advantages:

  • UTS College – BERI is the partner for UTS College (pathway provider to University of Technology Sydney) in Bangladesh. This gives you direct access to a leading university.
  • Premier University – BERI is partnering with Premier University Chittagong (PUC) to deliver the UTS pathway program. This means you will study the course on the Premier University Chittagong campus.
  • Fees – the chance to study in Bangladesh before you leave means the fees are 75% less, plus you save a year in living costs of Australia – for the same result of 2nd year entry.
  • English – we can provide a range of options to assist you to achieve the English required to enter the program, including the Academic English delivered by UTS College in Chittagong.
  • Multiple Entry Points – you can start with English (Upcoming), Foundation Studies (Upcoming) or the Diploma program.
  • Guaranteed entry to 2nd year – successful completion of the UTS College diploma (an Australian award in its own right), you can enter directly into the 2nd year at UTS* – and still retain the post-study work rights opportunity.
  • Application Support – we assist you with your application to make the process simple and worry free.
  • Local Study Support and Network – we provide in-country support for your learning and connect you with other students.
  • Visa assistance – we assist with your visa and post-study work rights application.

*include details of what marks required for this to be achieved

Contact us today for an obligation-free chat – so that you may get familiar with the best business and IT programs from UTS.

For more details, please visit the official website of the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

You can also download the UTS Brochure and UTS Trifold Flyer for more details.